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Specialists in Social Innovation with the development of applications, ideas, concepts, products, services, methodologies and practices that contribute to producing changes in society in collaboration with the business environment.

Corazón y Manos Esquema

National Projects

Newproject is a non-profit organization with more than 15 years of management in the development and implementation of social projects with children, youth, women, homeless, elderly people and attention to disability, with a highly qualified and multidisciplinary management team, composed of psychologists, educators, social workers, monitors and management technicians, specialized in social and educational innovation, and inclusive and accessible tourism.



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European Projects

The ability to undertake and innovate has become the engine of continuous change in the search for improvement in the quality of life and well-being of people. A challenge to remain active and participate in the constant changes that take place in our society.

We work by applying criteria of innovation and new ways of conceiving and facing social difficulties.

We project ourselves internationally by participating in European projects, in collaboration with national and international entities; generating synergies of joint work and being at the forefront of professional interventions.


innovation & cooperation


Training Platform

Training applied to employment and professional excellence, flexible, adapted to your needs, official and certified; recognised for work throughout Europe.


E-learning approved by the SEPE (State Employment Service of the Ministry of Labour, Migration and Social Security) to provide vocational training aimed at obtaining Certificates of Professionalism and subsidised training for companies, self-employed and entities; and free for workers. 

     Professional certificates

Valid for work in Europe

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